Our Life in Denmark

Our Life in Denmark


Bike-lifePosted by Hans 25 Oct, 2011 23:55:40
Having spend a significant amount of my spare time/online-time reading interesting blogs (and comments), I suddenly felt an urge to catch up on a much delayed posting on this site.

Last year(! 2010) we spend our summer vacation in NE USA which for everyone, except Christine and Sofus and Thien, was a first time experience. It was a great trip, and being a 3 week tour to some extend reduces the CO2 and otherwise non-sustainable element of the vacation smiley

This clearly does not cover our means of transportation outside of Manhattan, but then again...

Somewhere along our round tour from Manhattan-Adirondacks-Ithaa-Frederick-Washington-Brooklyn, we came across Mt. Airy Bikes and the owner Larry Black. This is quite a place for bikes - classic as well as the more comfy ones that we subscribe to. Thing is: After buying a few items, (and receiving a characteristic pair of Mt. Airy socks) we sort of promised to show of some of our (exotic European) bikes...

Now! - the pictures were made a long time ago, but getting to this posting... well lots of other issues took precedence along the way.

Our fleet as of fall 2010 was something like this:

Not included in the group photo is a classic Ostrad (currently for sale (negotiable) here) and one beautiful GoCycle bike (for sale as well)

I hope this somehow qualifies as a posting aside for the one year delay...

As of this fall, we actually also operate one high-tech Single Occupant Fully Enclosed Electrical Vehicle. Christine, having spend 1-2 hour to and from work for the past couple of years using public transport and her trustworthy Brompton bike, is now blazing along in her CityEl electrical thingy while spending less than 1 hour each way.

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