Our Life in Denmark

Our Life in Denmark


House ProjectPosted by Hans 02 Mar, 2014 23:46:40
This is just a short notice to follow up on the previous post.

In case you want to follow progress on the building project in Horsens, you can do so at the gallery (kraghsvej.wennerbergs.com)

Demolition of the old house was delayed when we found out that it had to be screened for PCB, and further when PCB was actually found in the house. In addition to the 3-4 month delay, it also added a significant extra amount to the project.

Which reminds me to add a couple of additional links:
Should you feel for some original pieces of artwork you could have a look at Judys.dk, and in case you are in the marked for a very nice house in a beautiful setting right next to the forrest and close to a fjord, - take a look at this house.

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