Our Life in Denmark

Our Life in Denmark

Ready for takeoff?

House ProjectPosted by Hans 21 Jan, 2008 23:38:00
Just to get this Blog started...smiley

After about 10 years in the pipeline, and an infinity of plans and details, we are just about to give way to the contractor and have our house transformed into something tolerable for the climate and the millenium.

A temporary home in a brand new appartment has been arranged, and we are really set on getting the work started as soon as possible. The appartment is next to the railroad station in Hillerød, so we will only be a 10 minutes bicycleride away from the house.

We expect the work to take between 4 and 5 month which could be fine for a combined housewarming and garden party over the summer, even if we actually do not expect too much from the weather front here in Denmark!

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