Our Life in Denmark

Our Life in Denmark

Missing Pictograms

Positive linksPosted by Hans 23 Jan, 2012 21:13:05
While half the world already can manage it, the other half apparently need a hint: Sitting down is more tidy!

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Sofus 2009-10

Positive linksPosted by Hans 24 May, 2009 11:46:30
We now have confirmation about the exchange program that Sofus will partake in during the next school year. He will be attending school in Toure in France, and he will be living with a family of 4, just 15 km outside the city.

On an unrelated subject, He has decided to release the action movie trilogy "The Cleaner" onto the unsuspecting world. The short action movie was shot 2008, and features Thien and his friend from Ghana: Sebastian.

For the time being, only the first is available, but that is probably only a matter of time.

(As it turned out, Sofus had to migrate a bit within France before finally finding shelter somewhere near Tuffé...)

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Three Wheels anyone?

Positive linksPosted by Hans 20 May, 2008 23:01:01
Last Sunday we went to check out a three wheeled recumbent bicycle (a trike) in Copenhagen. It had been advertised on dba.dk, and I had been checking it out on the net.
It was surprisingly neat as you can see on this clip. Only thing that should probably be improved would be the organization of the breaks.

Something new to start saving up for...smiley

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Wheels of change

Positive linksPosted by Hans 26 Mar, 2008 14:41:07
Finally it has arrived: Blog Image
The new Grasshopper recumbent bike. Here Christine is giving it a spin over the Easter holidays after Hans picked it up from the dealer.

It is a really nice ride even over rough ground. Now we just need a recumbent bike for Thien, and the whole family will be riding in comfort.

Let the summer begin!

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Spread some happiness

Positive linksPosted by Hans 25 Jan, 2008 00:52:46
A little while ago I found a few short movies available on the net. They are both created by Chris Vincze, and they cannot but leave you touched.

The first one is called EVOL: Love in a backward world. It is around 5 minutes well spend if you can make do with only one showing.

The second one is actually a music video for the tune "Tell me" by the band "The Moths". The music is quite good as well, but the film is what makes it really lovely.

If you figure out what is written on the note under the red ballon, please let me know smiley

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