Our Life in Denmark

Our Life in Denmark


House ProjectPosted by Hans 02 Mar, 2014 23:46:40
This is just a short notice to follow up on the previous post.

In case you want to follow progress on the building project in Horsens, you can do so at the gallery (kraghsvej.wennerbergs.com)

Demolition of the old house was delayed when we found out that it had to be screened for PCB, and further when PCB was actually found in the house. In addition to the 3-4 month delay, it also added a significant extra amount to the project.

Which reminds me to add a couple of additional links:
Should you feel for some original pieces of artwork you could have a look at Judys.dk, and in case you are in the marked for a very nice house in a beautiful setting right next to the forrest and close to a fjord, - take a look at this house.

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Active Holiday

House ProjectPosted by Hans 22 Aug, 2013 23:33:11
This year our holiday was split in two. First part was spend together with Leonie and her parents Elizabeth and Anton. We were all very touristic and the weather was rather excellent for the purpose.
After a few weeks back at the thread mill, the remaining two weeks of our holiday was spend around Horsens (http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=14/55.8583/9.8766) preparing our new property for demolishing and deciding on what type and layout a new house should have.

What we found behind the bushes now looks like this:
Before April next year we should have a fine new house ready there for Judy and Steen to enjoy.

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House ProjectPosted by Hans 03 Jun, 2009 21:58:55
Efter at have studeret et nyt lokalplanforslag fra Hillerød Kommune der omhandler etablering af et nyt mega indkøbscenter midt i byen, og midt i "Den Grønne Kile" har en gruppe beboere her i Torsvang startet en lille gruppe der går ind for en mindre dominerende løsning.

Til det formål har vi lavet en hjemmeside: Møllebro.dk, og der er oprettet en støttegruppe på Facebook.

Støtte for sagen er velkommen, f.eks. med en underskrift her!

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Finally done

House ProjectPosted by Hans 14 Nov, 2008 22:59:36
- or at least just about done.

We have moved back into our house, and all the major work is actually almost done. Some of the few things remaining are things we'll have to take of ourselves, and most of it concern organizing our inventory.

Blog ImageHere is how it looked during the process, and below we have another section after completion. We are pleased with the end result, and especially pleased with the first floor where we have removed most of the interior walls, and now have a very nice and spacious home with great lights.
Blog ImageNot easy to show without a wide angle lens, but here is a Gimp-stitched version.

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Ready for takeoff?

House ProjectPosted by Hans 21 Jan, 2008 23:38:00
Just to get this Blog started...smiley

After about 10 years in the pipeline, and an infinity of plans and details, we are just about to give way to the contractor and have our house transformed into something tolerable for the climate and the millenium.

A temporary home in a brand new appartment has been arranged, and we are really set on getting the work started as soon as possible. The appartment is next to the railroad station in Hillerød, so we will only be a 10 minutes bicycleride away from the house.

We expect the work to take between 4 and 5 month which could be fine for a combined housewarming and garden party over the summer, even if we actually do not expect too much from the weather front here in Denmark!

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